watermint toolbox - CLI tools for Dropbox and Dropbox Business

watermint toolbox


Set of tool commands for Dropbox and Dropbox Business. This tool have various features. Run without an option for a list of supported commands and options. Please refer following documents for more detail;


Additionally, JSON format report is available for most commands. You can easily create your workflow by using utilities like jq.

./tbx group list -output json | jq .group_name

watermint toolbox is licensed under the MIT license. Please see LICENSE.md for more detail.


Pre-compiled binaries can be found in Latest Release. If you are building directly from the source, please refer BUILD.md.


First, you need to install Homebrew. Please refer the instruction on the official site. Then run following commands to install watermint toolbox.

brew tap watermint/toolbox
brew install toolbox